Volunteer Support

Volunteer participation is a crucial component to hosting a fun and successful event. Usually EV owners and/or advocates, these volunteers are great at talking to people about EVs and possess a wealth of knowledge on the subject. At Ride and Drive events hosted by Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC), a predecessor program to the ROC EV Accelerator, volunteers proved to be an incredibly valuable asset, helping consumers to dispel myths about EVs and teaching them about the technology and user experience.

Typically, a Ride and Drive event requires 3-4 people to attend to the booth and sign-in table, encouraging passers-by to test drive EVs and helping educate them on the subject. Additionally, co-pilots will be needed for each available vehicle. Co-pilots may be volunteers or dealership representatives depending on who is providing vehicles for the event. For example, if you have 4 vehicles at your event, you need 4 co-pilots to ride along with the test driver and any other passengers. Co-pilots are needed in demonstrating how to operate the vehicle and for pointing out features during the test drive.

If you need volunteers to support your event, please contact Carolyn Levine at clevine@electrificationcoalition.org and she can provide you the with a contact list of volunteers and enthusiasts.

City of Fort Collins Picnic

A DENC Volunteer (in white) shows a test driver the ins and outs of the Nissan LEAF during a Ride and Drive event.

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