Host a Workplace Ride and Drive

Electric Vehicle (EV) Ride and Drives have proven to be critically important for widespread deployment of EVs in the United States. The Ride and Drive program provides consumers with the opportunity to test drive multiple electric car models while hearing valuable information from current vehicle owners.

ROC EV has already hosted a handful of Ride and Drive events in 2017. At the core of this program are partnerships with local car dealerships. It is with their help that ROC EV has been able to get Rochesterians behind the wheel of many different EV models from a variety of manufacturers. These events have also featured EV owners, experts, and enthusiasts on-hand to answer questions about owning and driving EVs. At the events, these pieces come together to create the comprehensive Ride and Drive experience, where drivers can get behind the wheel of multiple EVs and find the one that best fits their lifestyle.

One of ROC EV’s aims is to work with the business community to educate employees about the benefits of driving electric. ROC EV plans to host numerous workplace Ride and Drives throughout Rochester to provide this fun and educational experience to employees. Through these events, businesses are able to demonstrate their support for decreasing the impact of their employees’ commute on the environment and the health and wellbeing of the community. They are an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to innovation and engage their employees on issues of environmental awareness and oil dependence.

ROC EV is now hosting Ride and Drives at companies and organizations throughout greater Rochester, offering a comprehensive “EV experience” to the general public as well as employers and their employees. If you are an employer or employee that would like to host a Ride and Drive event at your place of business, please contact the Rochester Electric Vehicle Accelerator today, so we can bring this inclusive and exhilarating experience to your company!